I'm an introverted girl just living a simple life.  I don't need a whole lot to make me happy.  Just a place to call home and my family to go through life with and to do what I love while making an income.

I enjoy time in the mountains, especially with my kids.  It's so fun seeing the world through their eyes.

I believe in being kind.  Seriously, how hard is it?  No matter if you disagree with someone, you can always choose kindness.  

I believe true beauty comes from who you are as a person and no amount of makeup or hair color can cover up an ugly heart.  Less worry about what we look like and more focus on letting our light shine from within.  


I love helping women feel their best self with encouraging conversations and giving them the confidence that comes with a good cut and color.

In the end, love wins...

  my professional journey...

Many ages ago, I wanted so badly to go to cosmetology school.  I had someone holding me back but once I was able to go, I worked two jobs for a year to save my money and paid my own way.  Just like everything I do, I gave it my heart and soul.  


I graduated early and at the top of my class with honors.  For the first year out of school I assisted the owner of a salon while I participated in an intense training program and it really helped me start my journey out strong by being able to watch and ask questions.  


I have always loved learning and continue to invest in my education to continue to elevate the clients experience in the salon, but to also keep my passion for hair ignited.  You have to fan the flame to keep it going and I don't ever want the flame to burn out.   My most recent educational investment was the Masters of Balayage Certification and I learned so much!  

When I'm not at the salon. . . 


You'll usually find me at home with my kiddos doing mom things.  You know, the never ending laundry and cleaning and trying to calm the chaos......  Oh it's so glamorous! 


In between the chores + chaos, I'm passionately working on the business side of hair.  I love listening to business podcasts, dreaming up new things I want to do and watching educational videos that help me perfect my skills as a hairstylist and business owner.   I'm always learning about something.  Occasionally the stars will align and I'll get to sit down and watch a show on HULU or take a trip to Target or TJ Maxx by myself.   

My Crazy Crew