FAVORITE SERVICE - That's tough.  I'm passionate about so many things but creating a beautiful updo is top of my list and I am obsessed with root touch-ups.  There's something so satisfying about seeing those gray hairs disappear.


FAVORITE PRODUCT -  For SKIN, Beautycounter's Countertime Eye Cream.  It has bakuchiol, which performs like retinol without all of the safety concerns.  This busy mama needs my anti-aging eye cream.  For HAIR, All Nutrient's daily PHx.  It is a daily dose of healthy for your hair and every client should use it. 


FAVORITE DRINK -  I start my day with a cup of coffee with almond milk, collagen and monk fruit sweetener.  My second favorite drink is a good kombucha.



I am introverted.  I love good conversation at the salon but I definitely need alone time to recharge and fill my cup.

I enjoy time in the mountains with those I love.

I believe in being kind.  seriously, how hard is it?

I believe true beauty comes from who you are as a person and no amount of makeup or hair color can cover up an ugly heart.


I love helping women feel their best self with encouraging conversations and giving them the confidence that comes with a good cut and color.

Hey there!   I'm Lacey,
Hair Artist.  Wife to a talented artist & photographer.  Mom to two boys + one girl. 

ILLUMINATE SALON is located Inside The Modern Salon Studios


8000 E Quincy Ave

Suite 116

Denver, CO 80237

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