You are here most likely because you received a hair care package from my salon made possible by some of the most amazing clients, family and friends a girl could have.  Welcome!  This idea started with wanting to support Lizzie and her coworkers through this pandemic in any way that I could.  When I heard you were washing your hair more to be cautious about what you were bringing home, I knew that could cause more dryness and dullness to your hair and my hairstylist heart said that just won't do.  I was going to donate a few on my own and leave it at that, but I had this prompting to share the opportunity and that ultimately led to 64 hair care bags being donated by others that just wanted to help and say thank you!  

So you're a nurse? 

I think you're pretty kick-butt...

XO Lacey

It is my intention to spread a little kindness to you in this weird time in life. 


I realize a hair mask won't fix the problems this virus has caused but I hope that when you get home after a long shift of caring for your patients and you are exhausted from the events of the day, that you can take a few minutes for yourself. 


Grab a glass of wine, put on your favorite show and give yourself permission for some #selfcare. 

If you find yourself craving sunkissed hair and the pampering that you can only get in the salon, I would LOVE to meet you! 


 on the new client form when booking to receive $30 off your first highlight + haircut.  

Must present your work badge at your appointment

I want to say thank you to all of those that donated

Sara Nowak - A former nurse

Eva Hadad with Eva Elizabeth Photography - $50 off any full session with code THANKYOUNURSES


Maggie Banner

Liz Hankins

Lizzie and Stian Storgaard

Jeanette Hale

Brianne Benefield - She has had 15 surgeries at St. Joseph and wanted to say thanks

Lynn Frederickson

Karen Bailey


Alyssa Cicero -


Hilary Snyder


Rod and Lori Murrow


Ingrid Schneider


Emily Ansley

Amanda Duncan - Plexus