Welcome to gorgeous, low maintenance, lived in, sunkissed color.


My philosophy with lightening is LESS IS MORE!  I specialize in healthy, low maintenance, lived in, sun kissed hair color.  I work to enhance the color you were born with by adding dimensional highlights & balayage that create beautiful natural tones such as honey, caramel & sandy beige blondes while maintaining the integrity of the hair.  Healthy hair that looks kissed by the sun, not overly bleached by it. 

I like to keep things simple and easy to understand.  Each of the sessions below include everything you need to create and maintain your desired look, including a haircut and style of your choice. 


You don't have to question whether you should get the toner or the bond builder like you would elsewhere because they are usually add on's.  When you get a balayage with me, those are always included in the session because they are non-negotiable services that are needed every single time to maintain the integrity of your hair + keep your color looking it's best.


You will also find my suggested maintenance plan listed below.

 Full Session  


This session includes a full head customized color placement combining balayage + foil work to create your desired look. 

New guests will choose this session.


Partial Session


This session includes a refresh of the entire hairline and where you part your hair,

plus a refresh of your toner and a haircut if desired.

Tone + Treat  Session


This session is to refresh the tone of your blonde, treat your hair with a repair mask and/or

deepen your root shadow in between color appointments, plus a haircut if desired. 

Maintenance Schedule


First Appointment : Full Session


(8 weeks later): Tone + Treat Session if needed

(8 weeks later): Partial Session

(8 weeks later): Tone + Treat Session if needed

(8 weeks later): Full Session and Repeat

This maintenance plan will look a little different for each guest, this is a guideline I like to use to keep your hair looking and feeling great while enjoying the benefits of a low-maintenance, lived-in look.


Women's Haircut + Luxury Hair Mask $91


Illuminate Salon does not accept haircut only appointments.  

Haircuts must accompany a highlight or color service or a luxury hair mask treatment. 



ILLUMINATE SALON is located Inside The Modern Salon Studios


8000 E Quincy Ave

Suite 116

Denver, CO 80237

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